“It’s here in all the pieces of my shame that now I find myself again.” (Ranier Maria Rilke)

Read my article so that I can write more sapphic content for Screen Rant

Pitches at Screen Rant get approved based on readership, and my article was the FIRST ONE to have the word "sapphic" in the title, which is genuinely wild!! If traffic goes up for this article, I can get more pitches like it approved and write ALL the gay/sapphic movie and TV content our little hearts... Continue Reading →

Can We Be Friends? Chapter 11: One Year Later

That's the unbelievable thing about hearts; they move beyond us—our hangups and fears—often without our awareness, until we are so inevitably in love it feels like breathing. And we're finally in our bodies as who we always wanted to be, knowing with sweet certainty who we want to be with.

Can We Be Friends? Chapter 10: Sticky Fingers, Tangled Webs

In that moment, I wanted to tell this stranger everything; how I started the term so content, so sure, and had been slowly unwound by imaginary sexy scenarios and ideas of some impossibly perfect romance. How I wanted everyone, and no one, and how Jo made that all seem so normal, like you could be selfish with your love and your body, no matter the collateral cost.

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